Free and Reduced Information
Apply Online!
You may apply online after July 1st for the new school year.  It is Fast, Safe & Secure, Private & Available 24/7.  You will receive notification of benefits.  
You will need the following information to enter an online application:
1) the Student ID number - this can be found on the student report card, schedule, or by contacting the school in person with proper identification.  This is not the same number the student uses during lunch as their Serving Number
2) Current Grade
3) Current School

Go to and select:

Apply Now

Place check I Agree
Enter Code
Click Submit

Select TN
Select Dickson County Schools
Click Next

Read the letter to the household then click Next

 If you have Food Stamps or TANF choose YES and then click Add beside Student Info and Head of Household

If you are doing an Income Based application and chose NO to the Food Stamp / TANF question then click Add beside Head of Household / Student / and other members living in the house
Income Based
Income Based
Follow the easy, step-by-step screens to enter student/household information.
If further assistance is needed, please contact our office at (615) 740-5801.
and remember: Paper applications are available at each school and at the Central Office.